We're POISED and READY to be your PARTNERS!

We're POISED and READY to be your PARTNERS!

Who We Are

We are innovators. We are advocates. We are partners.
We are civil site development consulting engineers.

words that best describe us



Forward Thinking



Jacobson Consulting Engineers is led by Alan Jacobson’s 28 years of civil engineering and site development experience in the Pacific Northwest.

Our project experience includes:

  • Multi-phased K-12
  • Higher Education
  • Municipal
  • Civic
  • Healthcare
  • High-tech corporate campuses
  • Comprehensive utility and infrastructure upgrades

We are proud of our innovative designs, including sustainability, that contributes to developing complementing and resourceful site development. Our designs not only benefit the environment but are low maintenance and cost-effective for owners.

We also collaborate on:

  • Sensitive area mitigation measures
  • Implementation plans
  • Reviews of environmental, zoning, permitting, utility and transportation issues
Photo of owner, Alan Jacobson

Alan Jacobson, P.E.

Alan Jacobson founded the firm to get back to his engineering roots, and to provide a greater level of interaction and project involvement while assisting clients with their development projects. He leads Jacobson’s efforts in resourceful site development designs that benefit the environment, are low maintenance, and are cost-effective. His thorough knowledge of public procurement processes, combined with a unique creativity and an unwavering responsiveness, make him a trustworthy advocate for his clients. Alan is building a team that echoes and compliments his passion for client service and quality, a proven combination that leads to successful project delivery.

Sascha Eastman, Jacobson Consulting Engineers


Sascha Eastman, P.E., LEED AP
Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Manager Sascha Eastman offers 22 years’ experience in civil engineering design, with 18 years spent working in close collaboration with Alan Jacobson. He has worked on a variety of projects for many clients throughout the Pacific Northwest, managing projects varying in scale from small works, to brand new, ground-up and phased construction. His attention to detail and consistent communication is valued by all his clients and establishes him as a trusted and valuable team member.



Kevin Smith, P.E., LEED AP
Senior Project Manager

Throughout Kevin’s 17 years of civil design experience, his favorite projects have frequently been the most challenging. His ingenuity and knowledge are evident when looking at his experience including intricate multi-phased developments in the healthcare, multi-family, office, and K-12 markets. Kevin demonstrates meticulous attention to detail and has collaborated with many notable developers and architects in the Puget Sound region and beyond. A key to Kevin’s success is his ability to utilize an engaging, relatable, and functional communication style to address all audiences, including general contractors, architects, developers, agency reviewers, and the general public. Kevin has an approachable, accessible style that facilitates excellent project results.

Dave Dapelo, Jacobson Consulting Engineers


Dave Dapelo
Civil Designer, IT/CAD Manager

Dave Dapelo a is veteran Civil Designer and modeler, as well as Jacobson's IT/CAD Manager.  His thorough knowledge of Autodesk products, including AutoCAD, Civil3D, and Revit, allows him to communicate effectively between every member of the consultant team, resulting in streamlined and efficient data exchange processes. Dave excels in all aspects of creating 3D models, and he consistently works to find new ways of improving Jacobson's technological capabilities, allowing the firm to elevate our exchange of critical information both internally and with clients before construction even begins.

Roxanne Green, Project Engineer, Jacobson Consulting Engineers


Roxanne Green
Project Engineer

A very talented and thorough Project Engineer, Roxanne Green has worked on variety of project types throughout the Puget Sound. From complex, large-phased campus construction, to new, ground-up projects, she can successfully communicate with all team members, managing project goals and ensuring that milestones are met. Roxanne is knowledgeable, skilled, and dedicated to providing creative and effective solutions. She is equally adept at leveraging state-of-the-art technology to enhance and deliver comprehensive design.

Andrew Jondal, CAD Technician, Jacobson Consulting Engineers


Andrew Jondal
CAD Technician

Andrew is a lifelong resident of Washington and a dedicated CAD Technician. Growing up in South King County, he developed a deep appreciation for his community and a passion for bringing innovative designs to life. His unwavering determination to learn and grow makes him a valuable asset to our team.

When he's not creating meticulous designs, Andrew enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two cats.

Samantha Sprinkle, Jacobson Consulting Engineers


Samantha Sprinkle
Office / Marketing Coordinator

Samantha is our creative and driven Office / Marketing Coordinator who has an educational background in business marketing and communications. With an innovative mindset and a passion for driving impactful results, Samantha is determined to make a significant impact on JCE's marketing efforts as well as on the business operations. She looks forward to exploring the intricacies of civil engineering and the AEC industry, and how to leverage them in a way that contributes to the company’s success.

Samantha enjoys traveling and trying exciting new foods and restaurants. If you ever need a recommendation, she loves to share about her favorite spots!

Our Philosophy

Relationships and trust are crucial in this industry. We strive to ensure that every client feels that they have our undivided attention. This allows them to move their project forward with confidence, knowing that they have the best Civil Engineering minds working for them. Providing quality engineering services to our clients is paramount at Jacobson Consulting Engineers.

  • high level site development permitting and construction documents

  • Leverage technology

  • efficient

  • Understand owner and client issues/challenges

  • Responsive and Excellent Communicators

  • Thorough and High Quality

why jacobson consulting engineers?

vast knowledge

We’re well versed and it shows

We have worked in most Puget Sound area jurisdictions and understand their unique intricacies including their permitting processes. By jumping in early and leading the site development permitting process, we can manage issues before they happen, ensuring the project starts and stays on schedule.

focus on efficiency

time is money

That’s why our staff is skilled in both design and drafting/modeling, eliminating unnecessary iterations of the typical engineer and drafter workflow. We collaborate with clients to ensure that all members of the team are fully in-the-know prior to embarking on all major design efforts, reducing the need for non-essential work. This efficiency saves our clients valuable time and money.

Unmatched experience

longevity matters

With over twenty years of experience working with both local and national architecture and development and construction firms, we are able to provide tailored service and attention to meet every firm’s unique needs and projects. Our experience shows and allows us to provide well thought-out, cost-efficient and complete site designs.

We have experience and success working in multiple project delivery types including Design/Low-Bid, GC/CM, and Design/Build. Our ability to leverage technology also sets us apart, as we are highly skilled in working in a 3D modeling environment. We continually collaborate and provide 3D information to our design and construction partners in Revit, Civil3Dand AutoCad3D platforms.

dedication to quality

quality is never an accident

It is always the result of intelligent effort. With an unwavering focus on excellence, we have a quality assurance process that we complete not only on our own drawings before permitting and construction, but also for the scope of work that overlaps and is intertwined with other design team members.

As part of our commitment to quality and desire to be at the top of our clients list of their preferred civil engineering consultants, we also place a large value and focus on our responsiveness and communications. Our clients always know exactly where the project stands—no second-guessing or feeling in the dark. They have direct access to the people performing the work. There are noexcessive communication layers,  for questions and collaborations, and we fill them in every step of the way.